Rated FT Japanese Album

FT Island are back with their new album Rated FT which comprises of 11 songs including their single Polar Star and You are My Life that will be release on June 5, 2013.



TRACKLIST: 01. BEAT IT(lyrics: H.U.B. / Music: corin.)02. FREEDOM (lyrics: Tarantula / Music: corin.) 03. TOP SECRET (lyrics: Kenichi Maeyamada / Music: corin.) 04. YOU ARE MY LIFE (Lyrics & Music:Gary Baker, Anthony Little & Frank Myers / Japanese Lyrcis: Kenn Kato) 05. BELOVED (lyrics:Goro Matsui / Music: Lee Jaejin & suzuki ”Daichi” hideyuki) 06. BEAUTIFUL WORLD(Lyrics: Kenn Kato / Music:Choi Jonghoon) 07. TIME TO (Lyrics: Lee Jaejin / Music:Lee Jaejin & VINYL HOUSE). 08 Hold My Hand (Lyrics: Choi Jonghoon / Music: Choi Jonghoon, Han Sung Ho & Shin Min Kyu) 09. BLACK CHOCOLATE (Lyrics: Ken Kato & Lee Honggi / Music: Lee Honggi) 10. POLAR STAR (Lyrics & Music: Hiroki Horiko) 11. ORANGE SKY (Lyrics: Lee Honggi & Kenn Kato / Music: Lee Honggi, Han Sung Ho & Jang Young Soo)

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2 thoughts on “Rated FT Japanese Album

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    • i have fanpage of FT Island ..i’m sorry because i’m busy right now…i am a college student.. need to focus more on studies..thank you

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